Beauty So Clean: Wipeout brush cleaner

wipeout brush cleaner

Wipeout Brush Cleaner

Cleaning your makeup brushes can be a drag! Of course deep cleaning will always be necessary but in between and for spot cleanings, you will need a good brush cleaner. My new favorite is the beauty so clean wipeout brush cleaner. I am in love with this brush cleaner!  I am not being paid for this review, and it’s not sponsored. I purchased this with my own coins. Not only does this formula clean, it’s also antibacterial which very important for me. Unlike a lot of brush cleaners on the market, this cleaner does not contain chemical solvents like turpentine. Wipeout brush cleaner is eco friendly, paraben free, cruelty free, and vegan. Beauty so Clean uses the natural ingredient of sea salt which is known to be a natural stain remover. I cannot even put my bushes away without using this. At IMATS NYC 2017 I was sold when I walked past a booth and saw a demonstration. A brush was saturated with red lipstick then cleansed with this brush. In one spray and a wipe, the brush was completely clean. Not only was the brush clean and disinfected, it was dry. The coolest part of this cleaner is that it dries right away. There is no waiting to for brushes to dry. As a makeup artist, this is a staple in my kit. This formula can be used on both natural and synthetic brushes. Available sizes are 8.5 FL oz for $25.00 or 16 FL oz for $30.00. If you are looking for a great brush cleaner give this a try.


How to use

  1. After using your brush, spray over the brush bristles.
  2. Gently wipe the brush onto a clean cloth to remove makeup (I do not recommend using a paper towel because once wet the paper towel will start to disintegrate and leave residue on your brush)
  3. That’s it; your brush will be ready for another use.