What am I gonna do with my hair?

  • What am I going to do with my hair ? I ask myself this all the time. Sometimes styling my natural hair can be time-consuming and I don’t really want the commitment of a sew in because I like to change my look often. I began wearing wigs as a way to quickly change my look and protect my natural hair. When I started wearing wigs I purchased glueless full lace virgin wigs which got expensive very quickly. I was paying around $300-$400 for the wigs and I love them but I wasn’t crazy about the price. When someone suggested synthetic wigs to me I turned my nose up at the thought, but after doing a little research I discovered synthetic wigs have come a long way! There are plenty of options that look realistic, resemble natural hair and offer style and affordability.  I urge those wanting to try something different to give synthetic wigs a try.

This is one of my favorites  New Born Free Synthetic Lace Front Wig Curved Part Magic Lace Mlc156 (1B). I paid about $29.99 for this wig online .  I have order this wig twice. It has a yaki texture and looks very realistic. It came with hard lace with I trimmed off then styled the wig . The parting space is great in this wig but I still plucked it a bit to open it open to my liking and added some concealer and powder to the part. Magic!  This is perfect for those new to wigs and those  who may be hesitant to try something new. I  added a few pics of me wearing the wig below.


Link to the wig