Trump’s VOICE hotline trolled with calls about actual extraterrestrials

Trump VOICE line trolled

In his never ending campaign to make America great again (take a moment to wipe the sarcasm off of your screen), Donald Trump launched VOICE which stands for Victims of Immigrant Crime Engagement on Wednesday.  According to the US immigrations and customs website, this hotline is to support people impacted by “crimes committed by removal criminal aliens.”


VOICE was also ironically launched on April 26, which is also known as alien day. Reportedly, the line has been receiving calls of people reporting actual extraterrestrials. Excuse me while I pick myself up from the floor.

First of all, the hotline is for “aliens” not illegal immigrants so the American people have done as they were told. VOICE is being funded by American tax dollars, and it disputably serves no valuable purpose. So,we the people, are now paying for prank calls. Way to go forty five! I wonder how space aliens are feeling about all of this confusion? What are your thought?