True Life: My friends and family don’t support my blog (rant)

These past 2 years have been a whirlwind for me business wise.  As an entrepreneur, I get offended when my family and friends don’t support my blog/business.  At first I thought maybe it was a lack of understanding of what blogging was all about and what it is but the truth is they don’t lack knowledge, they lack support. In cases of my family they might not resonate with the things I’m writing about. I mostly write about makeup, they don’t care about makeup, I get it. There’s a lot of times I share and support things I don’t give two cents about but I want my family to know they have my support in every endeavor. As for the majority of my friends, they are interested in the things I write about but only support it when other people do it. I get little to no support in that lane and YES I FEEL a way about it. If I wasn’t the type to go out of my way to show my friends support I’d probably chalk it up as even but that’s not the case. I’ve never specifically asked for their support I’ll admit but I don’t think I should have to. When I see things that need to be done, I do it, when I see my friend cares about something it becomes something I care about too and I’ll do whatever it takes to help them reach their goal. As soon as I decided to become a freelance MUA and blogger, I did it. I jumped right into it and they were initially supportive of the dream but when I executed it, I noticed people start to fall back.   Oh you thought I came to play?

What I’ve realized is that some people aren’t going to support you because they simply aren’t happy for you, sometimes it’s jealously , sometimes it’s because it brings out insecurities within themselves knowing they’ve been at a standstill in their own lives, sometimes it’s that they simply don’t care. Unfortunately friends and family are included in this. When I began receiving products from companies and getting paid for feature posts, I’d have people say things like “must be nice” (the ultimate phrase for someone who is NOT happy for you lol) and they would kind of look at me funny or downplay blogging. I have even had people to change the subject in the middle of the conversation. OK! Interestingly enough, strangers, associates, acquaintances, and colleagues will share my posts to no end, support my makeup business and do anything possible to support the Beats By Jes brand. I thank you all and I have learned to redirect my support to those who support me and not focus on who doesn’t support. ‘

Thank you



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  1. Great post Jes. It’s sas family and friends are like that but I’m glad you continue to do you regardless!

  2. I totally understand what you mean! I’ve only had my blog for a few months but I haven’t told anyone about it except my sister and best friend. I just know my dad would make fun of me for it and I don’t want to hear it. Lol

    1. BeatsByJes says:

      Lol right !

  3. Girl, let them talk, and do you! There is a lot of work in maintaining a blog and running a business. There’s ton of research you have to do on how to grow your business. You are doing far more than some people in life. Just know there are other bloggers out there who support you because we all trying to figure this out. Good Luck on your blog, and KEEP GOING!!

    1. BeatsByJes says:

      I appreciate the support of my blogger family!!

  4. Girl that “must be nice” line used anytime kills me because it’s pure bitterness

    1. BeatsByJes says:

      like fr, if someone says that I know exactly where we stand lol

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