Single on Valentine’s Day

Single on Valentine’s Day

VALENTINE’S DAY!!! Exchanging gifts, flowers, hugs, kisses and couples, that’s right! It’s Valentine’s Day.  Let’s be honest, if you’re single on Valentine’s Day, it can suck! I’ve been there before.  For some being single on Valentine’s Day can bring feeling of loneliness and self-doubt, but it’s a good day to spend some quality alone time with yourself and/or do things to remind yourself how awesome you are.

Here are a few things fun things you can do:

  • Go out to dinner or see a movie with a group of other single friends
  • Dress up and take yourself somewhere nice (when is the last time you got to really enjoy some time to yourself)
  • Go Speed dating this could be a lot of fun and if all goes well you might not be single next Valentine’s Day
  • Grab a bottle of wine and watch funny movies, laughter is good for the soul!
  • Go to a spa or do a DIY spa day at home

Don’t forget that this is just a made up commercial holiday and therefore having a valentine or not does not define you!

I also made a video for this post. Link below 🙂