Should I bring my own foundation ?

When I began working as a free-lance makeup artist, I would often have clients ask me if they needed to bring their own foundation. I thought this was an odd question but after working in the industry for just a short time, I quickly picked up on why this question was asked and why it’s so relevant. In a perfect world, there would be foundation for every single person to have their own unique shade. As a makeup artist, I can tell you that this does not always happen and there are many time when you will find yourself mixing foundations to find the most natural shade for your client. I find myself doing this very often with deeper skinned clients, but what I have observed that bothers me the most is when darker skinned models have to bring their own foundations to the makeup session or photo shoot. I have seen even experienced MUA’s lack the knowledge of how to adapt makeup for various skin colors. While other models just show up to the shoot, the black models have the added stress of trying to find and bring their own foundation and sometimes even pressed powder to the shoot. In my train case I carry every shade from the lightest to the darkest because my job is to be prepared with whatever my client needs and many times you may not even know what the client looks like until you arrive, so to exclude ranges and shades means to exclude certain clients even if it was not your intention. Proper preparation prevents poor performance every time.
Here are a few brands with tons of shade ranges 🙂



Black Up cosmetics

Cover Girl queen collection

Eve Pearl