Sanitary Makeup Application Quick Tips

How I keep my Makeup Kit sanitaryno_double_dipping_by_sunfireranger-d5tyqsl


It is important to keep sanitation in mind at all times with makeup application, especially when working on clients. I try to clean and sanitize my products and tools in front of my clients so that they can be assured that I am applying their makeup in a hygienic and healthy way.


Few Quick tips

-Always wash your hands before applying makeup and keep hand sanitizer handy.

-Use a metal spatula to scoop products from original containers and place them on a palette- NEVER dip directly into creams, liquids, or gels.

-Keep disposable mascara wands on hand and NEVER ever double dip the wand. (Can we say conjunctivitis…eeewww)

-Always ask your client if they have any known product allergies or skin sensitivities.

-Sharpen lip and eye liner pencils between clients

-Wipe the surface of powders thoroughly with a clean tissue, I prefer makeup sanitizing wipes, but a good wipe with a clean tissue should be fine.

-After using any lipstick, spray it with alcohol after and wipe the exposed layer off with a tissue.

-Wipe tweezers and eye lash curlers with alcohol to clean and change eye lash curlers regularly.


Things I always keep with me when working with a client:




Lysol wipes (do not clean the makeup with these)

Makeup remover wipes


Cotton swabs

Latex sponges

Bobby pins

Brush cleaner/sanitizer

Positive attitude