Orange Blush for Dark Skin

orange blush for dark skin

You know what blush looks amazing on brown skin? Orange blush! That’s right ! Orange Blush. Years ago I was asking one of my friends to suggest a blush for me to try and she suggested that I try NYX orange cream blush. This was before I became a makeup artist and before I had even worn blush. I thought it was crazy but I purchased it anyway and I have been in love since then! At this time I was terrified of blush, and not sure how it would look me, but I braved it and dabbed  a little on my cheeks to complete a makeup look.What I basically discovered is that orange blush is the perfect match for darker skin, although I will say it truly looks good on all shades! It gives a warm, healthy, and refreshing glow to the skin. Like when picking a red lipstick, remember that orange blush come in many undertones and finding the perfect one for you will just take a little experimenting. A tip I would suggest when picking an orange blush is to pick one that is the opposite the color of the undertones in your skin. Because looking at orange can be intimidating, I suggest going to Sephora or ulta and trying the product on to see how it will look on you before you buy it.

Here are my favorite orange blushes:
NARS Exhibit A (Top left)
Mary Kay Spiced Poppy (top right)
NYX Cream blush in orange (bottom left)
NYX Powder Blush in cinnamon (bottom right)

What’s your favorite orange blush? Let me know in the comments.