Makeup on Trend: L’Oreal Paris and Balmain lipstick collection

We finally have details on the L’Oreal Paris and Balmain lipstick collection! As beauty lovers everywhere my recall, A few months back Paris fashion house Balmain announced that they were teaming up with L’Oreal for a beauty collection Balmain x L’Oreal. We finally have pics of the collection and I can’t wait to get my hands on these. The collection is separated into smaller collections called tribes and the colors run from deep purple to olive green to classic reds and nudes.


Dominion- bold red

Liberation-deep purple

Confession- coral

Confidence- rose gold



Power- dark brown

Legend- grey-brown

Rebellion- dark blue

Freedom- dark purple


And my favorite


FEVER- burnt orange

GLAMAZONE-brown shade


BALMAIN INSTINCT- nude khaki color


We don’t have an exact date as of yet but the hashtag September ’17 which was also posted on Balmain’s instgram lets us know that the product will be available shortly next month. I want them all! I wonder if these will retail for the same amount as regular L’Oreal lipstick or will be shelling out a few more coins for these. Which tribe is your favorite?