Makeup On Trend: Holographic Highlighter

Ok, so I’m still highlighter crazy! I guess it’s safe to say that the highlighter obsession isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Cruelty free beauty brand Rituel de Fille , who is behind the infamous black highlighter took to Instagram to announce that they will be launching two  limited edition holographic highlighters.  According to a post from their Instagram page, these 2 new color shifting game changers Solaris and Lunaris will launch for pre ordering on June 28th. So here’s what we know so far, Solaris will be a warm, orangey  tone with a transparent opal base and seems to be the more wearable one, and Lunaris will be a cool toned iridescent going on almost clear and reflects a hint of blue and lavender depending on where the light hits it (sounds like unicorn lovers will enjoy this one).  Rituel de Fille describes each highlighter as highly adaptable, an ode to “the duality of the moon and sun, and the dimensional radiance of night and day.” This launch will be exclusive to the company’s website and are not sold in stores. Each holographic highlighter will retail for $29 each. I have a feeling these will be a big deal. Will you grab or pass on these? I want to pass but the makeup hoarder in me is screaming grab. I mean they are limited edition and all. I can’t miss out!

Photo:A post shared by Rituel de Fille (@ritueldefille) on Jun 5, 2017