10 money saving beauty hacks you should know

Saving Money and keeping it cute….GOALS! 

Here are 10 money saving beauty hack that you should know :


  •  Use a foundation brush instead of a beauty sponge to apply liquid foundation, the sponge will absorb the liquid too fast causing you to have to use more product, so apply it with the foundation brush and then use the sponge to blend it to your liking. Give it a try and save some of that foundation!


  • If your mascara is getting a little clumpy, instead of tossing it right away, try putting the tube in a glass of hot water to break up the lumps and get it back to a normal consistency.


  • Shop TJ Maxx and Marshall’s for beauty products. These discount stores often have high-end beauty products for a lot less.


  • If you don’t like it, take it back! Mostly all makeup stores and drug stores will take makeup back if it didn’t work for you. You can simply return it or swap it out (remember this is if you tried it, not used half the product).


  • Keep your empties! Some brands allow you to return your empty containers for free product. I have been doing this at MAC for years. Check the terms of some of your favorite brands. Most of them offer this incentive.


  • Buy your makeup on the off-season. Now that it’s spring, this would be a good time to catch burgundy’s and deep purple shades at a discounted price, you’ll be ready for fall and when fall comes you can prep your stash for next spring/summer.


  • Simply Ask for samples, both Sephora and ULTA will give you samples of products like primer, concealer and foundation and most times it enough to get more than one use.


  • Using ice water to dry your nails, when I’m going through and extremely frugal period and I’m cutting out all extras I do my nails at home. I love Seche Vite but to save ten bucks, you can dunk your nails in ice cold water for 2-3 minutes right after you paint them. Once removed they will be nearly dry and will completely dry in no time. 


  • Multi-purpose items, I have eye shadows that use as blush and highlighters that I multipurpose as an eye shadows sometimes. Use it all !


  • Find out all of the best store brands and don’t be afraid to use them . For example, I swear by my up and up toner and my equate Beauty wipes.


I’m always here for anything that’s kind to my budget, what are some of your favorite hacks to save on beauty and makeup products?

6 Replies to “10 money saving beauty hacks you should know”

  1. Great tips!!! I’m a mascara junkie and definitely a frugal girl so I’ll be using that water trick for sure

    1. BeatsByJes says:

      Yea I need all that!

  2. Teresa Guia says:

    Love all the tips! I have been doing one already which is shopping at Tjmaxx and Marshalls for high-end makeup. I would suggest calling your local store to ask what day shipment gets processed so that you shop on that day! I have got ABH contour palette for $7.99!

    1. BeatsByJes says:

      What!!? Oh I’m on that LOL thank u!

      1. Teresa Guia says:

        Yas girl! I know this might sound bad but better burbs get better items. 😩

  3. I had no idea about the returning your empties trick! Thanks hun… this is good stuff!

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