Life of an introvert

Life of an introvert– For as long as  I can remember, I have been a lone wolf. Most of the time I crave  alone time! Sometimes it’s to think and reflect but many times it’s for the simple fact of being alone. I like to be by myself   “You’re a blogger, and a makeup artist, you work with the public, how are you an introvert?” I understand how that is confusing but you must separate the art from the artist. Beats by Jes is a blogger and makeup artist, Jessica lives the life of an outgoing introvert, an introvert who likes to spend time alone and does not need the company of other people to have a good time but not completely cut off from society.  As introverts we don’t mind being around people but nothing too intense, we go to restaurants alone, we travel alone and we don’t care about going into a crowd of people who we don’t even know (clubs, bars, etc.).  Interestingly enough, I never really considered myself introverted until recently. Here are 5 signs that you may actually be living the life of an introvert.


1.You find small talk incredibly awkward.

Oh boy! I am small talk phobic.  I find small talk insincere.

 2.Networking makes you feel like a phony.

Working on it! As a makeup artist, media creator and business owner networking is life! But it makes me feel like such a used car salesman.

3.You screen ALL your calls

You guessed it! You were right! Okay so the cat is out of the bag on this one, I screen calls from everyone, even friends and family, an introvert has to be mentally prepared to talk.

4.You like to write.

You like to write or you’re a writer. I feel creatively turned up when I sit down alone to write a blog post. However, when it’s time to record a video for YouTube I have to drag myself into my recording room. I feel like I can express everything so much easier through written words.

5.You are very in touch with your feelings

When you spend this much time alone, you have no choice but get to know you! An  Introvert spends a lot of time reflecting and understand their triggers.

6. You get excited when the party plans get cancelled 

Yes getting dressed and going out to a party sounded like tons of fun when you agreed but as it gets closer you may realize Netflix and chill alone sounds even better !

7. You’re a great public speaker 

Most introverts are good public speakers and leaders and will talk in front of  a large crowd but cringe at the idea of having to mingle with the crowd afterward

8. You’re the last to raise your hand when someone asks for something from a group.

ugh! please don’t ask me!  It’s much easier for us to sit back and let others take the stage, not because we can’t help or don’t know the answers but it’s easier to let someone else have the limelight.

9. Public situations are only survivable with headphones

Headphones are your safety net. When on the bus or train or walking down the street your headphones send a clear signal, I am busy, I can’t hear you, please do not talk to me!

10.  Feeling lonely around people

Have you ever been in the midst of a group of people and felt lonely, if you can relate, you might just be an introvert.

 People who are just encountering an introvert may think that you are antisocial, mean or I’ve even heard that we may come off as having a disposition of feeling superior to other people.   We are not! we just prefer being alone, we make good listeners and if we let you get close enough, we make amazing friends! Do you see any of these  traits of introverts in yourself?


6 Replies to “Life of an introvert”

  1. CrystalzCreationz says:

    Absolutely, I love people, but half make me physically sick and make my mind race and the other half I love and enjoy. In life you never know which person you may encounter and I like to be prepared for what energy is going to be around me. For example, I’m a hairstylist my job is %100 people all day everyday. Certain clients I have to mentally and physically prepare my for, my energy is so sensitive and precious. And I hate when unhappy,negative, judgements people come around and piss on my great energy. My job has taught me that I need to protect and control my atmosphere.
    Thanks for this great read ??

    1. BeatsByJes says:

      Yes , you must protect your space!

  2. Yooo, this spoke to me on a spiritual level. I like to call myself an extroverted introvert lol. Great post!

    1. BeatsByJes says:

      see! I knew there were others lol! that’s right…extroverted introverts are real!!

  3. Small talk is really hard for me. ? I’m very shy.

    1. BeatsByJes says:

      lol I’m not shy at all … I just hate to come across as fake….small talk always feels so forced to me

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