The pros and cons of rebound relationships

Let’s talk rebound relationships.

A person might be considered to be in a rebound relationahip if he or she becomes involved in a relationship that shortly follows the ending of a previous one. After a break up it’s hard being alone. One way that people tend to get over the feeling of loneliness by spending time with someone new to distract them but not realizing that they are not emotionally repaired from the relationship they were just in. Although a  person on the rebound is not necessarily emotionally unavailable, treading with caution might be best .  I know for me personally I would not want to become attached to someone who was rebounding from a relationship especially a long-term relationship.I have reservations about this for several reasons. My first reservation is that when coming out of a long-term relationship is that they’re probably just taking a break and will end up back together and my second is what if I find myself left and alone again once their need for a distraction came to an end. I have been on both ends and I will say my experience has not been all negative, there were both pros and cons to rebounding.



  • It’s a good distraction! An easy quick fix to forget about your old partner and meet someone new while having a lot of fun!
  • Renewed hope! Even if the new person doesn’t end up being your future spouse, you were able to meet and be compatible with someone new reminds you that finding love again is possible.


  • It could be too much of a distraction and you won’t have a chance to process the hurt and eventually learn from the things that went wrong in your last relationship.
  • If you’ve been in a long-term relationship you might be looking to dive into the same commitment or comfort right away and that can lead to further heart-break and it scares people away.
  • Getting attached and not knowing how to separate sex and love – don’t get attached to anyone if you are incapable of this.


Whether you decide to take a break or move on to someone new the best advice I can give is to acknowledge your feelings and don’t ignore your emotional needs and never forget to have fun!