Let’s Talk eye shapes!


The Basics:

When applying eye makeup sometimes there is a little more than technique that goes into your final product.  Even with all of the tips trick and tutorials you will need to know your eye shape or the eye shape of your client to make sure you are getting the most of the makeup!  Here is some general info on eye shape

These are the basic eye shapes that you will be working with:

Oval eyes they’re shaped like ovals. Simple, ok so you’re following me. This shape is versatile and almost any look can be pulled off with this shape but most artists prefer to give this shape height by drawing the eyeliner along the lash line but making the line a little darker and a little thicker as you get to the center of eye.

Almond shaped eyes:  shaped like almonds-This type of eye is considered to be the idyllic shape. Almond shaped eyes are proportionate and very easy to work with. Just work your magic!

Close set eyes:You are considered to have close set eyes if the distance between the inside corner of one eye and the inside corner of the other eye is less than the width of one eye apart. When working with this eyes shape the goal is to draw attention away from the area therefore you want to focus dark colors on the outer corners and light colors around the inner corners.

Deep set eyes:You are considered to have deep set eyes if your eyes sit further back in the eye socket than most. Usually those with deep set eyes will also have a small mobile lid. With this shape your goal is to make the eye look less closed off therefore you wanted to lighten the eye by using a light shade for the inner corner and lid.

Down turned eyes:When the outer corners of your eyes are lower than the inner corners of your eyes, you have down turned eyes. Your goal with this shape is to level it! With this shape it is okay to use a little eyeliner on the lower part of the lash line but you should not extend it to the outer corner.

Protruding eyes:This shape is characterized by bulge that runs from the socket to the lash, sometimes this shape can be a little tricky to work with. Although tricky to work with they can be very beautiful when played up. I like to accentuate protruding eyes more so than mask them. Horizontal patterns add more dimension, a dark color on the crease will look…well….raggedy or like you had a long night of drinking and slept in your makeup! Because the lid has a large space, blend! Blend! But one color shadow looks with work best

Wide set eyes:When the distance between the inside corner of one eye and the inside corner of the other eye is more than the width of one eye apart, you are said to have wide set eyes. This shape is not very hard to work with just remember light shade in the corner, dark shade goes in the outer crease and only the edge of the upper crease.

Hooded eyes:Hooded eyes are common in older women and is characterized by a small fold of skin that hangs over the socket line and sometimes partially over the lid as well and you want to reduce the prominence of that lid. Apply eyeshadow with motions that are upwards to help lift the droopy eyelids. Traditionally you would only apply darker colors to your crease but in this case you want to bring them up further but NOT all the way to the brow bone  

For the most part these are the most common eye shapes that you will come across but in some cases some women will have combination eyes. These are just a few basic tips and of course technique is adjusted from client to client but I hope this basic guide can assist.