How to keep your hands moisturized this winter

Winter is upon us! Here comes dry hands  and the challenge of keeping our hands moisturized in cold weather! What a  STRUGGLE! . During winter months, the humidity in the outside air plunges and thanks to indoor heating, the air is even drier in the inside. In addition to the air being all around dry, we tend to wash our hands more in the winter due to it being cold and flu season. This excessive washing is probably also washing away natural oils. From my experience, the only way to combat this is to moisturize! moisturize! and moisturize. If possible, never let your hands and cuticles become dry. When washing your hands, always choose a mild soap, and use warm water (not hot) , pat your hands dry and apply a moisturizer right away while your hands are slightly damp for maximum absorption. I keep lotion with me when I’m out and about so that I can add a moisture when I feel my hands starting to dry out. At home, I keep lotion on the bathroom counter next to the soap as a reminder to moisturize right away.

It’s important not to ignore our hands and cuticles so I decided to add these easy hand care steps my nightly routine.

That’s it! Just a few minutes a day to keep your hands moisturized in the harsh winter months.



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