How to change your life in 5 minutes

Can you really change your life in 5 minutes? Sounds like a silly question right. Well the answer is of course you can! No Matter how busy to think are, or think you are, everyone has 5 minutes to spare each day . What I want you to do with this 5 minutes is visualize a goal.




  1. form a mental image of; imagine:



Close your eyes and begin to picture what it is you want. When I say picture it, I mean really picture it. Think about colors on the wall, how having what you want makes you feel, imagine tastes, smells, the whole 9 yard! Picture everything exactly as you would want it if you could have it exactly how you wanted.  When you do visualization techniques you are leaving an impression on your subconscious mind. What you focus on is what you attract! Period!

Set your goal

Your goal can be anything you want, it can be a job, a house ( I manifested a house, yes I did ! and a deer once, long story, leave a note in the comments if you’d like to hear it ), a relationship, self-improvement etc. In the beginning choose a goal that’s would be easy for you to believe in to avoid negative thoughts from surfacing and trust me they will. Resist any thoughts trying to tell you that you cannot achieve you goal.

Create a clear idea or picture

Create an idea, a mental image, or even a feeling of the object or situation exactly as you want it.

Focus on it

Focus on your goal but don’t focus too hard if that makes sense. You never want to feel like you are putting extra energy into it or trying too hard. Just think of it casually throughout your day or while you meditate, make it a part of your life!

 Give it positive energy/ Affirm

 Make solid positive self-assured statements to yourself: Affirm to yourself that you can reach your goals and be sure to back yourself on the back when you achieve a goal!


Once you have planted this seed in your subconscious mind your actions will be guided to make whatever you want come true.  I usually like to do my sessions when I first wake up but anytime you can spare a quiet 5 minutes is fine. Visualization is just mental rehearsal for the goals you want to manifest. It is important to live in the moment during your visualization sessions. What I mean by this is don’t imagine the future, imagine everything as if you are living it now! Your subconscious does not know the difference between real and imagined so you decide what is real. You bring forth your own reality!


Ok so if you’ve gotten this far into the post, you’re probably thinking this is really cool! Or what the hell is wrong with this lady. I was skeptical too. It sound likes bull rap. The truth is it’s so easy that it seems unreal. You know what’s very real though, the people all around you who have known this and been practicing it for many years and are living their best life while you’re trying to figure out how. Of course this is just the basics of visualization, there is a plethora of tools and materials for you. I am not a metaphysics expert by any means but I just gave you a major key, go forth and be great!


“I’m the greatest, I said that before I knew I was”- Drake

You have to see it, and believe it to achieve it!