How journaling helped improve my life

When I was younger I faithfully kept a diary from the age of about 8 to probably 17. I would use it to express my feelings, events of my school day, goals, details on my crushes etc., typical adolescent girl stuff. I slowly stopped having time to write every day after I started college then became a mother and an employee. I just didn’t have the time to journal anymore. So I thought! I suffered a devastating loss in 2015 and my feelings were all over the place, I didn’t really want to talk to anyone but I knew I had so many thoughts and emotions that I needed to get out so I bought a journal and I just started writing and with each page I literally felt lighter because I was finally able to get it all out. I saw overall improvement in my life and my moods just from taking a few moments to journal

Here is what I noticed

Self- Insight

I learned who I am, not who I thought I was or who I once was but who I am now, at this moment. I learned what motivated me, what caused me to succeed and what caused me to fail. I had no choice but to be 100 % honest with myself!

Disciplined Writing Habit

I had wanted to start blogging but I was so out of touch with writing daily, due to journaling I have been able to get back into the habit of disciplined writing and honestly a lot of the blog posts you guys will see from me are thoughts straight from my journal.


Journaling definitely helped me on my journey to manifest my goals into reality. As you write and then read the goals you write ,they have no choice but to become imprinted into your subconscious mind. To hear more about this check out my post on visualization here

  • Emotional/mood stability
  • Detaching a letting go of the past
  • Empowerment
  • Release of emotional baggage/ improved mood because I was no longer angry and holding in the things that were hurting or upsetting me

If done effectively, journaling can help change your life for the better. You control everything with your pen, just let the thoughts flow. You can design the life you want to live, the person you want to become, become more productive and have a one on one therapy session/ pep talk with yourself every day!