HELP! I spend all my money on makeup!


Let me to give a few tips on how to stop spending all of your money on makeup.


But…Buying makeup makes me happy.

I knew I had a problem on my hands the day I went to Ulta and found two awesome lipsticks that I just could not leave the store without, I could not wait to get them home and add them to the collection only to find out when I got home I already owned these two items, not only did I own them but they were sitting perfectly on my vanity UNOPENED. My first thought was to return them but then I began to start rationalizing reasons why I should keep them. I started to tell myself” well it’s not like I won’t use them so they won’t go to waste.” Sad I know. As I looked through my makeup collection I tried to assess the value. After the first couple thousand was  assessed, I stopped and thought to myself, “damn that’s a down payment on a house”.  I knew I had to come up with a plan to help curb this appetite for new makeup so here is what I’m doing although I will admit that I am a work in progress.

Understand that you don’t have to have EVERY hot new product

Every time you see a new YouTube video featuring the latest “holy grail” product you don’t have to run out and buy it. STOP! 

Stop and think about it

If there is a product that you feel like you absolutely must have, think about it for a few days. If you still feel like it’s a must have after a few days then get it. This works well for me because most times after a few days I realize that I really don’t need the product or I already have something similar at home.


A lot of times there is a very comparable drug store dupe for high end makeup products allowing you to get the same look for less.  Example: My favorite nude lipstick bare it all by wet n wild ($2) is an exact duplicate for by velvet teddy MAC ($17) but without even half of the cost.

Use makeup to reward yourself

I’m curbing, not quitting. My goal is not to buy makeup at all but to buy  less of it .  I use makeup as a reward for myself when I’ve accomplished a new goal. It’s even better when I get to redeem points that I have through beauty incentive programs!


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  1. I’m a work in progress as well. I have so many lipsticks that are similar but I can’t stop buying them. My latest addiction is brow gel. Great post!!

    1. Brow gel eh??? What’s your fav ? I’ll do a review on it

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