Facebook’s Snooze Feature



Finally, Facebook’s snooze feature is here! It seems as if every time I log into my face book account, it looks completely different or there’s a new feature. I’m usually annoyed with the changes but I just noticed a new feature that I can totally get with! There’s a new feature called snooze. Facebook’s snooze option allows you to hide all posts from any given Facebook friend for 30 days. This is perfect for that annoying face book friend that constantly over shares, keeps posting unfavorable food pics, pictures of them feeding the homeless and practically begging for someone to tell them they’re a great person for it, and any other  fuckery that may fall in the annoying as hell category. From past experiences, Unfriending people on social media gives them the feels. I have had people really feel hurt and even get confrontational with me because I deleted them from my social media accounts. True story! So from now on when they get annoying, 30 day probation!  You’re not actually unfriending, unfollowing or blocking the individual; you’re simply giving your newsfeed a breather. Their content will no longer show up in your feed, but you’ll still be connected. All you have to do is go to the drop-down menu on the top-right corner of any post, click “Snooze” — and that’s it!  This works for groups and pages as well.  Just in time for the holidays! I mean how many pictures of your turkey and your little cousin do you think I can handle?


In addition to the Facebook  snooze feature, there’s the take a break feature which allows for those who end a romantic relationship to have control over what kind of posts are seen from your ex, and which of your posts your ex can see. It also allows control of who can see your past posts, pics and status updates with your ex.


Oh what a virtual world we live in! Happy holidays !