Is Dove dry shampoo good for natural hair ?

Is Dove dry shampoo good for natural hair ? If you want to know what I think, keep reading.


I’m sure most of us have been here before, that dreaded moment when you’re styling your hair and you realize that you really need to wash your hair but there’s just no time. I began using this product on my weaves when they would start to lay flat due to product build up in the hair. I know it’s time to pull out the big guns when my curls looks flat, there’s no body or volume and I have to face the facts that my hair needs CPR.  In comes my special rescue product, Dove dry shampoo! With just a few quick sprays, it gives your hair a healthy look and gives body to your hair. It brings your hair back to life! For an added bonus, it smells amazing and leaves your hair smelling great!


On a recent difficult natural hair day, I began to wonder if my favorite rescue product could work the same magic on my natural hair. It worked out! This product quickly absorbed the excess oil and put a little extra life back into my braid out.  Keep in mind the point of dry shampoo is to remove excess oil. This is a huge benefit when you need a quick fix and you’ll be washing your hair soon afterwards. Continuously Applying dry shampoo to hair that is already dried out will strip the hair of natural protective oil. In other words, this quick fix, not a long-term solution.


(Since I last purchased this product, the packaging has changed. It’s taken me a while to get through the can because it really only takes a quick spray or two to do the trick.)

How to use:

Simply pop the cap off, and spray the Dove dry shampoo a few inches away from your roots and  brush it through or fluff it out and instantly your hair will feel less weighed down, and smell amazing!

**If we were to use a chart, my hair would be best described as a 4a/4b mix..

Have you tried dry shampoo to refresh your hair?

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