Clarin’s Skin Care Vox Box

I received these products from influenster for review/testing purposes, but the thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


The moisturizer is very hydrating and light and sinks into the skin effortlessly which I love, I don’t like my moisturizers to feel heavy or greasy so this was a big plus. However, I found the smell to be a bit overpowering for something that I’m going to put on my face. It was way too much of a perfume smell. I currently have a stuffy nose and it was still a lot for me which is too bad because otherwise this moisturizer would be THE ONE! I would still recommend it for anyone looking for an awesome moisturizer and doesn’t mind the smell.

As for the serum, there was little to no smell. I expected the consistency to be thicker but it’s a very light oil but as the name states, it is intensive. I reside in Chicago where the winters are harsh and can leave skin feeling cracked and dry even when you moisturize. I feel like this serum is an instant hydration fix. It also helps the moisturizer to glide right on. I would definitely purchase this product.

I have normal skin for the most part; it can be a bit on the dry side in the winter months, so please keep in mind that if you have oily skin, combination skin, or sensitive skin the products may work differently for you 🙂