Basics-Quick Color Correcting Tips

The concept  of color correcting is fairly simple. Essentially, it is the color theory, opposite hues cancel each other out. When color correcting I use very little product and I usually use my fingers to apply. Most minor skin discoloration issues can be masked by your foundation and concealer, but if you want a flawless look, a color correcting concealer under your foundation and concealer will give it to you!


Green Concealer/Corrector

What does it do? Cancels out redness
When should I use green concealer?

When dealing with rosacea, redness associated with blemishes or severe redness.

 Lavender Concealer/Corrector

What does it do? Used to cancel out sallowness and yellow skin tones

When should I use lavender concealer? Use lavender concealer when  you want to cover up hyper pigmented spots such as acne scars and to cover anything yellow.

Peach and Salmon Concealer/Corrector

What does it do? It will cancel out blueness and overall darkness.

When should I use peach/salmon concealer?

This is my go to for dark under eye circles especially when working with deeper tones

Yellow Corrector/Concealer

What does it do? Neutralizes redness.

When should I use yellow concealer? when you want to brighten under eyes, color correct redness on lids, or to blend flawlessly hide discoloration?

Pink Correctors/Concealers

What do pink correctors do?

Pink correctors are new to me and I have not had a chance to work with them as much as the other colors. I was taught that they are used as a complexion corrector.

When should I use pink corrector?

I use pink corrector as  a brightener on the inner and outer corners of the eyes. I’m not sure how much correcting I’m doing but it looks great!


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  1. My life changed once I figured this out! Lol…nice, simple break down ?

  2. This is awesome. Someone finally broke this down in a way where it actually makes sense. Is there a specific color correcting palette that you enjoy using?

    1. Well as far as palettes I use the Stila correct and perfect but I’ve been loving the LA girl correcting concealers! I have the salmon, yellow, and green.

  3. Yeah, I still don’t get it. Be to visit you shortly.

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