Avoiding falling into bad eating habits

Happy July 5th. I hope everyone had an amazing and safe Fourth of July weekend. I really enjoyed my weekend. Most of all I enjoyed the food so as of today I am putting myself on a strict diet that shouldn’t be hard to stick to considering we don’t have any holidays coming up for a while.  I have always had a problem with my weight fluctuating. My heaviest weight was 230 pounds and that was the breaking point for me. After a recent 50 pound weight loss journey I learned some eating habits that have helped along the way. Check out these tips to keep you fine all summer ’17 and beyond


You have to eat the foods you like- Eating the foods you like and over indulging in the foods you like are two different things. I love tacos. It’s no secret, I cannot see my life without tacos but instead of eating 4 just because I like them I just eat 1 and a chip or two with a glass of water. I’m not stuffed but I’m no longer hungry.  Depriving yourself will just lead to binge eating. Moderation is everything.

Don’t put so much emphasis on the gym- I hate to admit this but I never go the gym. I think I should,  and I plan to start but I don’t put that much emphasis on it. There are plenty of ways to get exercise in. If you take public transportation, get off a few stops early and walk the rest of the way. If it’s a nice day go for a walk. Walking does count as exercise.


Eat your food on a saucer-I have found that putting my meals on a saucer prevents me from piling food on my plate. I put one serving of each meal item on my plate and whatever doesn’t fit, doesn’t make it on to my plate.

Meal Prep- This has been the major key for me – meal prepping has multiple benefits. It allows me to already know what I’m going to eat so I don’t have to possibly make a bad food choice by being forced to grab something from a fast food restaurant. It’s a lot of fun putting together different meal ideas. Although it’s not necessarily health related meal prepping also saves a lot of money. I have prepped lunches for an entire week for the amount I would have spent on lunch in 2 days buying fast food.


better than it looks, I swear!

I have learned that broccoli does not keep very well so I would eat that same day or choose another green veggie for meal prepping.


My egg white omelette was so good. 

When you think you’re hungry, try water- I have found that a lot of times I was mistaking thirst for hunger. If I’m still hungry after I drink the water then I’ll eat.


Get an accountability partner- A little friendly competition can be motivating. Partner up with a friend on your apple watch or fit bit or a device of the sorts to keep up with your partners workouts.  See who can burn the most calories or complete the most fitness goals for a day.


Avoid the alcohol and novelty coffee-I would probably say this was the hardest for me.  I love my cocktails and macchiato’s but the calories are just not worth it so I try to reserve them as a treat although I have been losing the cocktail race this summer.


Be consistent and remember to focus on the BIG picture – it’s about your daily and weekly life style changing habits that will determine your long term results.  I am not a fitness expert by any means and I’m just sharing with you what worked for me and I hope it helps. I just want everyone to live the best, healthy life!  We are on this journey together!