All about my crotchet braids

In my never ending quest to get out of dealing with my natural hair, I have chosen crotchet braids as my latest protective style.  I am absolutely in love with this style. It took about 2.5 hours to complete and it looks very natural.  I used color 1B and it’s very dark so it took some time to get used to. I will try a number color 2 next time.  Crotchet braids are achieved by first corn rowing the hair and using a latch hook to add the extensions. Unlike a weave, however, the hair used is not on a weft and is secured with a knot.



Fast to do

Easy for DIY enthusiast

Easy on the edges- I love that every part of my entire scalp is not gathering up and pulled ridiculously tight.

Looks natural

Easy access to your scalp, you can actually oil and scratch your scalp so there’s no need to beat on your head!

Inexpensive- I think the hair was less than $7 per pack.

Shake and go- I don’t do much to this style other than shake it out and lay my edges down and I’m out the door.

Can last 4- 6 weeks



Can begin to look frizzy relatively fast

Washing can be a real pain

Hair sheds

Hair knots at the ends

Overall, I love this style and as it gets older, I’m loving it even more. It seems to look more natural as the days go on. When I first got it installed it was really full so I braided it down one night and it made it less lioness like and more like a natural hair braid out or twist out.



Washing can be a pain. I have seen a lot of suggestions that say don’t wash the hair but I couldn’t resist. I have to wash my hair! I did wash, condition and clarify my hair before installing so if you did the same, I’m sure you can get away with not washing the hair if you don’t keep it in too long.


How I washed my crotchet braids:

  1. Fill a spray bottle with water and a little shampoo and spray the mixture on your scalp.
  2. (Optional)- I gently cowashed the crotchet hair but this is not necessary if you only want to clean your own hair and scalp.
  3. Carefully rinse the mixture you sprayed on your scalp and if you cowashed the crotchet hair gently wash away the conditioner.
  4. Spray your own hair with a light mix of leave in conditioner
  5. Add your favorite moisturizer to your hair and the crotchet hair and oil your scalp.


That’s it!! But it was a process!

Daily Maintenance:

 Every other day I use a small amount of leave in and water to keep the hair from looking too dry, and depending on the night, I simply tie them up with a satin bonnet, or I braid them into large  braids and cover them with the bonnet.

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  1. Yes, crochet is about to become my new friend. I currently have crochet faux goddess dreads. My leave out is getting wore out and this is a great protective style.

    1. BeatsByJes says:

      yes ma’am, …sn: I gave up on leave outs years ago lol …I had a little afro sitting on top of 3 bundles of Peruvian straight …a mess! lmao

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