Sedona lace 12 piece professional makeup brushes


Sedona lace 12 piece professional makeup brushes in Pink

This 12 pc set comes with 4 face brushes and 8 eye brushes.These brushes are sturdy and well constructed with full sized handles. I recommend this set because it pretty much has all the brushes you will need. This is an excellent set for both beginners and those more experienced in makeup application.  This product arrived in well packaged in just a few days and even came with a cute pink travel case.


  • Affordable (set was $79.95)
  • They’re Pink!
  • good application 
  • soft


  • I have experienced a little bit of shedding with the face brushes +
  • strange smell upon arrival 


Large Angled Contour Brush 850-perfect for powder contouring and blush

Tapered Blending Brush 863- my new go to blending brush, It is a bit large but blends beautifully.


Duo Fibre Brush 813- I really really really wanted to like this brush. I have seen plenty of good reviews on it from various YouTube guru’s and i anticipated it being a good brush for my liquid foundations, but I just did not like it. I feel like the brush could be a little more dense. I did not get the acclaimed airbrush effect everyone raves about. Instead, I found myself using my real techniques stippling brush to fix the streaky mess I had created with this brush, but because I believe in second chances I will try this brush out one more time with a different foundation and come back with an update for you guys. 

One year update:

Overall, I would say sedona lace makes quality brushes,  these brushes are sturdy and I have not had  any issues with loosening handles or shedding. I don’t use these brushes as often as I used to but I recommend these to any makeup beginners that might be looking for their first set of high quality yet affordable brushes.