5 Things I learned in my 20’s

5 Things I learned in my 20’s:

I always tell people that turning 30 was one of the best milestones of my life . I was happy to get my 20’s behind me , It was a fresh start, and a new chapter. As I reflect on my 31 years I realize that I learned some very important lessons in my 20’s that have helped shape my thoughts and outlook. I thought I’d share just a few of them with you all.

1. Just because you love someone and they love you doesn’t mean that they are the person you are meant to be with.

If being in love was the only requirement for finding a spouse most of us would have been married long ago and very few people would be single but in reality the cookie just does not crumble that way. I have always believed that the majority of people who get together have NO business actually being together because they are not actually compatible, it could be a matter of convenience or circumstance, but of course as humans, eventually a bond will form after spending a certain amount of time with the person and let’s be honest if the sexual chemistry is there our judgement can become a little cloudy and we are no longer seeing the person , we are seeing all of the accessories that come with the person and eventually that will fizzle and so will the relationship and it will become apparent that the two of you were never compatible. Does that mean you didn’t love the person? NO. It simply means you weren’t compatible.

2. You will have less friends

As you grow, you may realize the number of friends you have is getting smaller but as you get older you look for fulfillment in friendships and you begin to gravitate towards like-minded people! It’s all a part of the process!
3. College might not have been worth it
I struggle with this one and in no way am I telling anyone to quit school but what I am saying is If you went away to college, you probably had a great time, but Most of us have degrees that either we will never use or we will realize we are no longer interested in the field we chose. Everyone does not fit into the go to college then get a corporate job mold. If I knew then what I knew now I would’ve had a business loan instead of a student loan!
4. Appreciate your family
You may think your family is annoying but you may find out they are the only people who have your back when you need somebody to have your back and at the end of the day they’re the only people who you couldn’t pick and they couldn’t pick you but they love you anyway. Appreciate them!

5. Learn how to handle criticism
We absolutely cannot control what other people will say to us. But we can control how we internalize it, respond to it, and learn from it, release it and move on. Period!