A Kat Von D brow collection is in the works

Kat Von D continuously delivers one great product after another and now we are getting a collection of brow products that I’m super excited for.  Based on the Instagram photo she posted,  the release will include 3 new products, super brow, brow struck, and signature brow.

Under the photo was the caption,  “People better get ready to change their brow world!” Other than the fact that our brow world is about to be changed, there aren’t many details out there yet.  We don’t know if it’s a pencil, powder, cream or kit but either way I am here for it! Brows are an important part of your face and can make or break a look instantly. I have never been disappointed by Kat Von D’s product and I feel like this will be an epic release. Details will be provided as they become available, stay tuned.